JUST ONE NIGHT: Levi Karter sneaks out of the apartment while his boyfriend sleeps and goes out on the prowl to "do his own thing" in the first episode of new series JUST ONE NIGHT. Levi’s night of fun leads him to a lively party at the Museum of Sex where among many familiar faces, he meets a sexy man! After dancing together and playing in "Jump For Joy" bouncy room (filled with giant inflated breasts!) they part and Levi returns home to the waiting arms of Sean Zevran! Sean knows where Levi has been and is totally turned on to know others want what "only I can have". The guys make out and soon Levi has Sean’s cock in his mouth, deep-throating his muscular mate as he lies back and enjoys the pleasure. After kneeling upright and reaching over to feel Levi’s hard ass, Sean brings him up for a deep kiss and demands his hole. Levi obeys and lies down with his bubble butt raised up for Sean to kiss, rim, and tease but it isn’t long before Sean is feeding his cock to Levi’s mouth once again. And once again Sean brings Levi up to kiss him and lovingly tell him, "You’re so fucking beautiful…now give me than ass." Sean takes Levi from behind in several ways, his muscular body owning Levi with hard-driving passion..and Levi loves it, working his hole right back on Sean’s cock. They decide to mix it up by moving from the bed to a love seat at the foot of the bed. After an acrobatic 69 and more rimming, Levi’s limber body bends to take Sean as he pile drives his cock into his juicy hole. Sean takes him from behind again but they wind up in a chair with Levi riding Sean. Levi grinds his hole deep on Sean’s long, thick cock until he can’t hold back and blasts a huge load that skyrockets to Sean’s neck, splattering on his pecs and abs. Finally, Levi kneels and gets a mouthful of cum from Sean as well as a creamy kiss. And then they jump back into bed, ready to happily sleep in each other’s arms.
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I’m bringing back a new guy that has made quite a splash on the website recently, JANTZEN! This little stud from the San Fernando Valley has made his way all the way down to my studios by the beach for another well deserved round of some ass fucking and cock sucking that seems to be par for the course around here. Watch as Jantzen delivers a good pounding but not before Rob lifts those legs over his head and munched on his ass for a good long time! Jantzen made his way to my studios on time actually so I was impressed by this straight stud who takes his work so seriously. When he arrived he was as casual as can be sporting a baseball cap and the tattoos on his arm that gave him that "what the fuck are you looking at" look! Once the cameras were rolling I wasted no time in making my way to Jantzen’s crotch kneeling down in front of him and beginning what was going to be an oral session to beat all. I began sucking his cock which I handled so easily… did I mention his cock is bent in the position of choice for a cock sucker… It bends down like a banana. Slips right down my throat. This made his dick rock hard and next I asked him to put his legs over his head and to grab the back of his thighs as I instructed him to hold his legs and spread them. Next I put my face directly in front of his asshole and buried myself in that ass face first. I couldn’t hardly stand it and I could see that Jantzen wasn’t going to last very long this pace. In the end I jumped off his ass and sat down on his cock in a manner Jantzen’s accustomed too. I began to bounce on his cock slowly at first until I was accustomed too it and the bouncing of my tight ass must have felt good on this stud because it wasn’t long before he could no longer hold back the inevitable… a load all over my ass!
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Gorgeous parolee Roman Todd just got out of prison and is at loose ends. With no friends or family left in New England, the sexy stud tries hitchhiking to California, and is soon picked up by older, good samaritan Rodney Steele. When nurturing Rodney offers to let that bad stud stay at his place, Roman eagerly agrees. But Rodney is not the sweet older man he seems to be, and Roman soon discovers he is nothing more than sexual prey for the lonely, twisted Rodney. Starring Roman Todd, Rodney Steele, Alex Chandler, Shane Omen. Featuring: Rodney Steele, Roman Todd, Shane Omen & Alex Chandler.
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When Toby Springs cant afford the full amount owing, Dustin Steele gives him an ultimatum to suck his cock. Ball player Kacey Jones offers his teammate Timothy Rivers some friendly pointers for playing the field. Sun tanner Landon Kovac strikes up a friendship with swimmer Trey Turner when they meet at the pool in South Florida. Bennett Anthony explores the versatility of his friendship with Buddy Mason by fucking him. Featuring: Dustin Steele, Bennett Anthony, Kacey Jones (m), Timothy, Trey Turner, Buddy Mason, Toby Springs & Landon Kovac.
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Wade Cashen Takes Sean Hunter’s Fat Raw Cock: There’s nothing on TV, so how are Wade Cashen and Sean Hunter going to fill a long slow afternoon? The always resourceful Sean has a few ideas, beginning with pulling out his amazing fat cock, which instantly has Wade dickmatized. Soon boredom is an after-thought as Sean teases open Wade’s tight hole with his enormous rod, penetrating deep until Wade sprays his load all over his hairy belly.
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