Disorderly Orderlies Two psych ward attendants, Jack Hammer and Scott Alexander are looking for trouble in the middle of the night. They find Cameron Adams in the straitjacket and he’s a perfect target. Jack bets Scott $20 if he makes Cameron suck his dick. That sets the tone for a night of debauchery and hijinks. They put him on the medical table and experiment with electricity. Jack and Scott take turns fucking the poor boy in bondage. They shove the enema nozzle up his hole to see the water jets out of his humiliating and painful ass. They fuck him again and cum all over his face. Cameron reveals that he’s an heir to a huge fortune. His relatives put him in the psych ward to control his money. If set free, Cameron will reward the two orderlies.
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Shawn Blossom wants to eat as much cum as he could in an afternoon. He loves the sticky stuff filling his mouth and sliding down his throat. Plus, he is an expert and licking and sucking cock to get the juice. He sucks off a host of men in this group video, that’ll have you wishing you could add your own to the collection.
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On the Hunt Presents Josh & Jeremy #2
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Aaron - Aaron

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Mar 012011
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