I met Billy while I was living in Los Angeles. I have a studio there and sometimes cast and shoot models from that locale. Billy contacted me from an ad I placed in the chatrooms, he wanted to know more about the money making opportunity I was offering. I told him only the parts he needed to know to get him in to see me, which worked, and he did. When I met him, he was quiet, shy, LOVES asians or as he calls them "asian persuasion". He perfers to 69 with shaved pussy and can fuck for hours… so…. instead I paid him enough money and sucked him off! Crazy huh? Nothing like a horny straight former Army stud who is motivated by cash! That’s what I got with Billy. He has a cute boyish charm about him and an attitude that is so carefree that nothing bothers him. He’ll probably live to be 100. I convinced him to tape this scene which is actually recording history of sorts. Although Billy has made homemade videos with his ex-girlfriend, he’s never done it on a professional level let alone with a guy. I was excited about de-virginizing this straight stud and wasted no time in getting him out of his uniform and sprawled out on the bed like a slab of meat. Speaking of which, damn… the perfect cock you just love on a straight guy. BIG ass balls.. just look… they are big and I bearly could stuff them both in my mouth, but I did! I licked and sucked this boy who remained quiet for most of the video as he zoned into the porn on the screen. I stood him up and made him put his hands behind his head in a submissive position with me in COMPLETE control of his cock. He was helpless, getting completely worked up and was taking him to the point of near nutting a couple of times as he mouth fucked me not realizing it would feel that good. I damn near made him nut so we had to stop and take him back in the position I wanted to tape his cum shot in. The boy was dead silent by this point. He wasn’t all giggles anymore and had this serious, yet confused, look on his face. You know the look that straight guys give you when they are helplessly out of control and they know their nut depends on you. As we got near the finish line, I increased my attack with rapid successions of hand and mouth combinations that just drove Billy crazy. The look on his face was priceless when he finally released the gates of jizzim. He closed his eyes, gave me a warning, and with his hands behind his head, released what was definitely a cum shot worth waiting for.
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Takin’ It Raw: Logan Cross is one lucky boy! One of the hottest guys on the Helix roster, Ryan Bailey is giving every inch of his full attention to this rippling, tight assed twink! The boys both get riled up as Ryan tastes every square inch of Logan’s tight torso before they each swallow one another whole with some serious deep throat action. Ever the perfect top, Bailey then buries his face in Logan’s beautiful bubble butt. He knows to prepare his work area for the serious raw dicking the kids about to get. Bearing down and holding on to a chair, Logan braces himself for for Ryans righteous, condom free cock! Taking the kid on a tour of multiple positions, Ryan realizes this isn’t Logan’s first time at the rodeo so he spices it up a bit with a reach-around. Its always good to know your friends are willing to lend a hand. Cock crazy Cross cant get enough so he ads an extra finger or two of his own. The kids got skills! After Cross creams, Bailey soon follows and blasts the boy right in his pie hole. Lusty Logan lunges down on the piece once more, sucking out every last drop. Yum.
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Niko Molen is a good looking straight guy aged 32. He lives in Plzen and enjoys sports, ice-hockey and fitness. What a very sexy guy he is, and as he lifts his tee shirt we see that he has a great body too. After removing the tee shirt Niko poses to show off that gorgeous chest of his. Then he opens his jeans and turns around to push them down and give us a great look at his sexy ass. Fully naked he lets us enjoy that ass before turing again to show off his cock and balls. Then he climbs onto the bed, staying on his knees to give a great view of the ass and his tight hole. Next it is time for some hard cock and Niko doesn’t disappoint there either, with his dick rock hard. Having shown us everything he then does more posing to let us absorb just hot hot that body, cock and ass really are.
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Today I’ve brought back an old friend of mine who did some work for me some time back. Julian contacted me recently needing work and wanting to re-kindle a lusty relationship we use to have on film. Today I’ve asked Julian to come back and handle my ass the way I remember he use too and boy did he remind me!!! Watch as Julian takes charge or my ass and handles it like only a straight boy can and I caught it all on tape. Julian came back to my studios and he was almost like a pro. He wasn’t nervous at all and in fact we got to talking business and sort of eased into the video. I had Julian sit down on my bench in front of my bed with a towel wrapped around him with nothing else on. I knelt down in front of him and began to massage his cock and balls through his towel. Once I pulled the towel away from his body, his cock popped out and I smiles. I slowly began to lick his balls which made Julian sit back on the bench, closing his eyes and relaxing to a comfortable BJ. I slowly made my way up and down his shaft until i made my way to the head of his cock. I wrapped my lips around his mushroom head and engulfed the whole 6 inches balls deep and this sent Julian into a frenzy. Next I wrapped his cock in a condom and began to ease my ass onto his cock and slowly sat down and began to ride his cock like a cowgirl backwards. This got Julian in the mood for fucking and we then proceeded to do several positions that showed off the way Julian handles ass. I sat backwards and forwards on his cock, he took me doggie style in both directions and I was spent dead towards the end and had to get off the ride. With him still standing and me knelt down in front of him, I continued sucking his cock at lightning speed and within minutes Julian was warning me that he was about to nut and I prepared for his load. Julian tensed his body tight and pulled his head back, closing his eyes and blowing a load that shot all over the place and my camera caught it all on tape. Check out this nut!
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Undiefuck: Buff and sexy Jimmy Roman strips down to his yellow boxer briefs. Jax gets Jimmy all worked up and then sucks his big uncut dick with his undies still on! Finally Jax gets bent over and plowed and loves every inch!
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