Doggy Style: Gabe Isaac has an adorable doggy dick magnet that he always scores with when taking the pooch for a "cruise." Today Trevor Harris spies the cute doggy along with the huge hot dog bulging from Gabe’s groin area that he just can’t keep his eyes off of. Isaac invites his new friend back to the house and Trevor’s colossal cock is down Gabe’s gullet in no time! Both boys have BIG blue ribbon boners and both suck cock like winners as well. Trevor tastes Issac’s amazing ass and decides his condom free cock would add to the deliciousness of the dude’s smooth derriere. Harris has mighty hefty low hangers that slap Isaac’s ass as the bed creeks in time with every bangin’ hard schlong slam. Gabe offers a ride and Harris is definitely up for the challenge. For such a tight bodied twink with an even tighter ass, this kid can take a gigantic cock! Gabe slaps Harris on the butt and orders him onto his knees where the kid’s booty REALLY takes a beating! With one hand on the bed and the other on his third leg, Harris hoses Gabe’s sheets down but good! Isaac gets his revenge though, splashing his new friend’s pretty face with a fountain of funk. He douses the dude so much he can’t even open his eyes. Isaac rubs some of his fresh cream across Trevor’s tasty lips before going in for one more salty sweet kiss.
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Yes Sir! I Want Your Cock! Alexander has brought his younger lover to his favorite playroom for sex. Once inside, Chandler obeys him and starts sucking his cock and whenever asked a question he replies with Yes Sir! As a sign of respect for his older lover. After Alexander is done using Chandler’s mouth and throat, he bends him over and rims his ass and gets it nice and moist for his cock. He then fucks Chandler bent over the wooden spool for a while before pulling out and having Chandler suck his huge cock some more. Alexander then has Chandler lie back on the spool as he sucks his cock for a bit before continuing to fuck him until Chandler cannot hold back and he shoots his cum all over himself. Alexander then shoots his load. Enjoy!
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Gabo Cerveny & Paul Fresh
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Job Security: Having signed the deal, the Cunningham’s can sleep easy now, though Miles has one last thing to deal with – Sam the Gardener. Armed with the video of Sam and the new houseboy Jasper, fucking on the tractor, Miles decides to use this to his advantage. He heads over to the woodshed and accuses Sam of slacking on the job. Sam decides to show Miles how much he wants the job, by doing what he does best, and dropping to his knees. He rubs Miles’ bulge in his pants before pulling out his giant uncut cock and taking it in his mouth. Miles knows he has the power as he face fucks Sam, calling him ‘his boy,’ and demanding that he doesn’t stop. They soon swap over and now Miles has him by the balls, with Sam’s rock hard cock in his mouth. Before long Miles has him leaning out of the woodshed door, as he takes him from behind, not caring who could see them. Sam groans with pleasure as Miles slams his cock deep inside him. He pushes his ass back into Miles like the greedy power bottom that he is. Miles is loving every horny second of it. He bends Sam over the woodpile and show’s him who is boss as he thrusts harder and harder into Sam’s ass, until he can take no more. He forces Sam onto his knees before showering his chest in cum. This tips Sam over the edge, who shoots his own load as he passionately kisses his boss. Has he done enough to keep his job? Miles sneakily grins as he reveals Jasper was let go that morning, Sam’s job was always safe!
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The Deuce Episode 10: The Great Escape: After David Ace rolls China Gold in his sleep, China rallies his henchmen to get his revenge. David and Alex Chu make their getaway and when they’re far enough away, they stop to catch their breath. David realizes he misses the taste of Alex’s thick, uncut dick down his throat and gets on his knees to service the hunky stud. David’s mouth feels amazing wrapped around his cock and when Alex is throbbing hard, he bends David over to ram his rod deep into David’s tight, smooth hole. Alex pumps away out in public until he’s ready to blow. As David begs for his jizz, Alex drops a load all over his face. David savors the flavor and lets loose to cover the grass with cum. As the two hunks bask in the afterglow of their ass fucking fun, they have no idea what’s in store from China, Silky, and Bandit. Will David and Alex get away? What will happen if they get caught by China? Stay tuned for Season 2 of "The Deuce: A Gay Parody" to find out and to get more of your favorite studs with plenty of sucking and fucking to go around!
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