Many of you know my latest release this week… SLADE! Yes Slade has returned and this little straight hottie Marine has a lean and smooth cut body with a gorgeous 7.5 inch cut cock that he loves to show off. You’ve seen him perform on MilitaryClassified many times but rarely have you seen him fuck Rob in the ass because mainly… well why else would a straight guy be against it? Today I’ve used enough financial manipulation to get him to commit only today he had to smoke cigarettes in order to relax enough to deliver the goods. Watch as I instruct this Marine into fucking my ass and delivering a load that made me proud of Slade! On this occasion not very much was said at all and in fact we immediately got right down to business which left things relatively quiet. Once he got all his clothes off, Slade sat down on my bench, spread his legs, and lit up a cigarette as I began sucking his cock. Within seconds Slade’s 7.5 incher was wide awake and ready for action so I slipped on condom and proceeded to position myself in the line of fire of Slade’s cock. I was so fricking turned on by the whole experience of getting fucked my Slade that I didn’t even bother to take my shorts off and just slid them off down below my ass and instructed Slade to shove his cock in my ass. With the greatest of ease, Slade began to slam my ass and with the mirror right next to him, he would glance over to watch himself fuck my ass which was kind of a turn on. Slade put both hands on my waste next and continued with his pounding of my ass which was now beginning to feel like a lead pipe was shoved up my ass without any regard. I know he was trying to be polite but I told him to FUCK HARD! and shove your dick way down which he did to a surprising reaction that made Slade drop his jaw. We were definitely in a rhythm now and Slade’s cock was like steel now and his balls tightly snug up against the shaft of his cock as he began to warn me, almost whispering, that he was getting close. Slade was in full swing now fucking so fast that his dick was HOT in my ass from the friction. By now I had to stop the ass pounding because I was at a breaking point and knew I couldn’t handle the further beating of my ass so I stopped and sat him down to finish him the best way I know how. It didn’t take long I must say and not much effort because without minutes of beginning to suck his cock, I was already getting the quiet nod and warning let me know he was about to nut. Slade nutted a nice sized load that I had the pleasure of cleaning up!
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Raw & Tight: They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, for super hot hook up buds Brad Chase and Wes Campbell it also makes the dick get harder! The guys haven’t seen one another in a bit and can’t wait to get their hands on each other. Making it to the bedroom in the nick of time before one of them creams their jeans, they immediately get down to business. Wes Campbell is a fresh faced, tall super model type with a super sized cock and a bubble butt that would make a bounce house jealous! And he is DEFINITELY not timid! Vocal and confident, he and Brad ASSassinate every inch of each other before Campbell plunges his bare dick deep inside Brad’s back door. Peaches and cream Campbell mixed with a caramel Brad Chase is a delicious combo that will tickle your taste buds and satisfy every hunger. And for dessert? Why cream pie of course! Campbell is DEFINITELY mmmm, mmmm good!
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Oct 252016
Ivo Kolar
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Zac is from the U.K travelling Australia. He is a knock about, boy next door guy from Northern England that is into Soccer. Got some nice shots around Sydney harbor which is always a spectacular backdrop for any shoot and then inside where you will notice he almost instantly gets hard and starts to pull himself. Interesting cock type – thick, stumpy with a big head.. He finishing himself off spurting all over himself. Don’t miss Zac.
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Fisting Masked Men: My name is Matthias von Fistenberg and this film is about my fisting adventures in Rio. Together, me and my fist-obsessed buddy Thiago Romero went to a sauna for hookers and picked out the dumbest and most muscular of all the pretty straight guys and asked them to fist us for money. They had huge muscles and cocks, spoke dialect we could understand, and were so backwards they couldn’t read or write. They both had girlfriends and couldn’t show their face but for a few more bucks, they were ready to do it on film. Straight, stupid and wired on steroids, they were both excited and scared. Judging from this video, it must have been one of the most horny experiences of their lives.
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