Elder Sorensen knew this day would come. The Order has commanded him to appear at the temple to be fucked and bred on the temple altar. The boy is scared, but if his cherry has to be popped hes glad its sexy President Oaks wholl do it. Featuring: Bishop Angus & Elder Sorensen.
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The “Mack” is probably one of my favorite marines in my collection. I like them tall and Mac towers at 6’4” and 185 lbs! COMPLETELY STRAIGHT! It took me months to get this guy to even chat with me online. It was like chipping away at a rock, a slow and endearing process trying to gain his confidence. He was leery of my work and couldn’t quite understand why people would pay to watch a guy jerk off. I explained what the site was about and what it entailed. He wouldn’t respond for the longest time. He left for overseas and I didn’t talk to him for a while but when he returned, he opened up a little and we at least had dialogue about the whole “bi” thing. He told me that he probably could never bring himself to allowing a guy go down on him or even touch him but he didn’t have a problem jerking off to a porno if he could make money doing it. So I compromised and told him that was good enough for me. We arranged to have him come up to LA to shoot the video and Mack brought a friend for protection. My mouth dropped at this tall marine stud at my door. We sat down in the living room, went over the paperwork and talked about what he would be doing in the video. I tried to maintain composure but I was so attracted to him that I couldn’t help but stare. When his comfort level was up we decided to go to the back bedroom to start shooting. His friend remained in the living room watching TV and being probably more nervous than Mac. I think straight guys get nervous around anything remotely gay which leads me to believe that it makes them uncomfortable for some reason. That sends a red flag to me because being uncomfortable or fearing something usually means you are threatened by it and when you feel threatened………Anyway enough psychology. Now back to the story! At first Mack was nervous, very nervous. It was his first time ever being naked or even jerking off in front of a guy or a camera. I got some great camera angles though but he never really quite got completely hard. Even so his dick must have been a good 8 inches and THICK! A beauty! At certain points I left the room because I knew it would help him relax by not standing there watching him masturbate. It helped because when I came back in he was “up” and at attention.
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Hayden Taylor sent in another one of his homemade cam videos. The thing is, we absolutely love his butt, and he is happy to show it off while stroking that big dick of his. He must think that spreading oil all over his chest and stomach will score points, and for some it probably does. We just like looking at the ass! The cum shot is intense and it all lands on his leg. Good job young man!
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Its been a while since we have had Mikey back and staying with us and after all these years, he is still always horned up and ready to blow his load and that is what happens when we pair him up with another horned up boy named Zachary.
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