Amarko is an aggressive top stud who preys on men of all ages. His performances are second to none and the fact that he is an actor in real life makes his scenes even more interesting. It is a special day at the office, Muller has been transferred to headquarters After the farewell party, one of his closest friends stays over to help gather his belongings. This is Daddy’s last chance to fuck the guy he always wanted, Silver Fox Muller. These two go at it like we like it. Anando is a quiet daddy but when he is around a hot ass he goes on attack mode. Hot, hairy and talented Anando is a power house to be reckoned with. These two guys were ready to party hard the minute they saw each other. Scott Reynolds masters bareback sex scenes like nobody else we’ve seen in action. When it was Peter’s turn, he proves more than up to the challenge. Learn what happens when an older man is crazy about a young hunk. Aslan fell in love with this young lad who is built like a brick house. He is all into himself and his physique is fine. But despite that, daddy figures out a strategy to get a his ass fucked really good and taught this young man more than one thing about sex in the process. Featuring: Scott Reynolds, Nick Bay, Peter Fulton, Muller, Anando, Zeus, Erik, Amarko, Aslan & Max Wolf.
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Best buddies Blayne and Ricky are hanging out after the gym and they have some foot fun. When Ricky tells Blayne he loves feet Blayne seems skeptical, but Ricky knows the best way to advocate for his fetish is to show Blayne how amazing it feels. Ricky sniffs Blayne’s socks and services his bro’s amazing feet and Blayne is quickly converted to being a foot worship lover himself.
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Today i’m introducing a new recruit to the line and his name is SUTHERLAND! Sutherland hails from Cali and is down in the San Diego area serving in our NAVY. I met him online as he was looking for pussy… what a surprise! I caught his attention with my opening line and the offer of cash! A few weeks later he was sitting on my couch butt naked enjoying some serious head from someone who longs for it. Watch as I ravage another "virgin" straight boy! When Sutherland arrived at my studios he was very quiet. I get all kinds walking through my door but Sutherland was especially quiet and many short answers. I passed it off as being nervous, which most guys are, but as we began to go over the work and the money offered, Sutherland asked if I was the one giving the head? When I said yes, he paused for a minute and looked at me for a while then said.. OK! Dressed in camos, Sutherland was a typical good looking 26 year old straight guy. Typical looks, nice trim body, perfect amount of body hair, and an nice uncut schlong that definitely caught my attention. Once the uniform came off I didn’t hesitate to ravage this stud’s feet and give him a foot job that only rivals the head I give. This put Sutherland in an uncomfortable space but I could tell that he was actually enjoying everything that was being done to him. I took my time with this one and slowly and methodically began sucking this boy first starting with his nuts and making my way up the shaft until I was bobbing up and down on that cock driving Sutherland crazy! It wasn’t long before Sutherland was beginning to tense up, breath a little bit faster, and grip the leather on the couch as I pounced on his cock up and down, faster and faster, and getting him in the zone I’m all too familiar with. Sutherland’s balls began to tense up and with a little whisper, Sutherland warned me of what was coming down the pipeline and told me to watch out. HA! I thought to myself, thanks for the warning but i’m going in! I was tempted to swallow this puppy but I thought I would let it shine for the world to see! The look on this boy’s face after he cums is priceless!
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Mother Fuckin’ Long! Sending Rave Hardick my "ASLP," he sends back a "HMU;" guess I’m bustin’ my nut in him tonight. At my apartment, Rave sucks me like an octopus with a mouth, and rocks me hard. Gaggin’ on my cock, it’s soon up his hole and feelin’ good. Unique in his look and with a sexy thin body, this boy has great bottoming skills. Doin’ my "do diligence," I suck and rim him, then I fuck the hell out of him; damn nice hole. Nick Long was the top in this BarBackRTXXX film.
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